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Golf courses globally are always situated on the most exquisite sites with spectacular views, even ones built in or near cities. Golf courses are unique for different reasons and become famous for the stunning views from their fairways as much as their greens.

Facts and Figures from the R&A

Golf is a sport that is played around the world in this day and age. The latest statistics reveal that there are 33,161 golf courses in 208 of the 245 countries in the world – which shows that more than 85% of countries around the globe are engaged in this sport. Another interesting fact is that golf is a sport that is geographically concentrated. In fact, more than 74% of the world’s golf courses are located in the top ten golf playing nations – such as the United States, Japan, Canada, England, France, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Scotland, and Sweden. This article provides information on golf courses around the world.

Golf originated in the coastal terrain of Britain and the courses here that have developed over the years are known as “links”. The moderate climate there was ideal for the development of the sport. As the sport grew in popularity, golf courses sprang across the country. Most of the earliest golf courses in Britain were on public land – and open to common play due to this reason. But as the sport travelled to the United States, Africa, Europe, and Asia and got established in these countries, private golf clubs started to dominate the scene. But things have changed with time, and the vast majority of golf courses are open to the public in most of these countries.

New Golf Courses Around the World

Today, there are 556 new golf courses under construction around the globe. More than half of these projects are combined with resort developments – which shows a close association between golf and tourism. North America has 156 golf courses under construction at the moment. Likewise, Europe has 124, Asia 176, Africa 51, Oceania 29, and South America has 20 golf course projects in the pipeline.